Here are the steps

File your return
Once you file your completed tax return at Apple Valley Tax Service, you’ll receive free Send-A-Friend coupons.

Share with Friends
Share your coupons with your friends and family. The more you share the more you can earn. Come by our office for more coupons.

Get Paid
Earn $50 for each new customer who files their tax return with Apple Valley Tax Services*

Qualifying Referrals: To get paid, your referral can not have been a client of Apple Valley Tax Service for the last two tax seasons. They must complete their tax return with Apple Valley Tax Service and fund before referral checks will be available.

Setting up your account: Once you have filed and completed your tax return with Apple Valley Tax Service, We will enter you into our program allowing us to text you when you have received a referral check. Checks can be pick up on the 15th and the 30th of the month at our office at 18930 US Highway 18, Suite 107 Apple Valley, California 92307

*checks will not be mailed they must be picked

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